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Amelia Earhart, Atlantis. Throughout history there have been disappearances, great
and small. Where do these missing people go? To a new world where fantasy,
horror, and even science fiction collide. A place called Terra.

 All across Terra there are Summoning Crystals. Powerful but dangerous. Their
misuse has created tears in the fabric of time and space that have wormed their way
toward Earth. People, creatures, even entire civilizations have vanished, drawn
through the wormholes to present day Terra. Here ancient and modern lie side by
side, as if the centuries between them in their former worlds meant nothing.

 These arrivals do not go unnoticed. They are marked by cold winds in the daytime
and strange lights in the night sky. The crystals are well guarded now, and though
the tears have diminished they are still out there...bringing others to Terra.

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